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A solution to social media mayhem ) The EdankTLL by In less than 2 weeks, we'll be seeing the new version of the Stone Atwine Epilogue! I've just released the.Net Core Edition of the EdankTLL. This is a windows-only version of the library, it doesn't support the Redis storages as of yet. We'll release the Linux version later on this year. Download EdankTLL download. The new version is the.Net Core version and it comes with a breaking change in the way we serialize our data. Due to these changes, I had to change how the Session key is built. In the previous versions of the library, I used the Singleton pattern to create a global variable that would be serialized. It's hard to make sure that I would never end up with two variables with the same name, and I had to work around it. My last version of the library used an anonymous struct to store the session variable, but this was causing some problems with the serialization. The new version of the library, using the new.Net Core, we don't need the Singleton pattern anymore, because there is no more global variable. The session is now only serialized using the new XML based serialization. The sessions are now serialized to the same folder as the configuration file, and they can be used from the client. The client is now storing the sessions into the local storage. NOTE: This new version of the library will cause a breaking change in the way we build the SSL certificates. I will re-build the certificate in the new version of the library. We're also going to increase the version number, to avoid any confusion. If you've been following the library for a while, you might notice that we've been using the ASP.Net Configuration in the past, to store our certificates. It's been replaced by the.Net Core Configuration, that we can read from the environment variables. This makes it possible for us to build our certificates in a much cleaner way. The new version of the library is a very significant upgrade, so it might take some time to get it rolling. Once I've re-built all the binary distributions, I'll be working on the Windows version of the library. If you are interested in the recent developments of the library, you might want to follow me on



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