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Florence Cathedral

Italian Lecture Series

6 Week Program Starting March 19, 2022
Saturdays 9:00 am – 10:30
Presented by Professor Leonini

Professor Leonini received his B.A Degree at St. John's University, a Master’s Degree at Fordham, and completed 30 credits toward a PH.D Degree at New York University. He taught history for the NYC Department of Education for 32 years. He has also taught Italian language and culture at St. Joseph Hill Academy on Staten Island. He is presently teaching and lecturing at the Garibaldi/Meucci Museum, and  Casa Belvedere.
He has appeared on Italian TV, radio, and American TV.

I  Legacy of Rome:  Assimilation of Italic native tribes, absorption of Phoenician, Etruscan, and Greek influence into Roman culture; Roman architecture, building innovations, the introduction of the modern calendar, Roman law, and the relationship between the Roman Republic and the U.S. constitution.    

II  Middle Ages: Salerno and Bologna first medical and law school universities.  The creation of the musical notation script and Dante’s classical writings gave birth to  “Standard Italian”.  The resumption of trade leads to the growth of a capitalistic society and the birth of a new class of wealthy merchants and a moneyed economy.

III Renaissance: Take a journey through the Renaissance fueled by new wealth and explore the development of “humanism” in all aspects of social/artistic life.  Enrichment in the arts and learning; music, exploration, social etiquette, science, Italian cuisine, political science, and biological sciences will be discussed.

IV Post Renaissance:  Modern penology- Cesare Beccaria “The crime should fit the Penalty”, courtroom procedures, etc.  Modern electricity, the invention of the battery, creation of the piano, violin, viola, cello, and Cristofori’s Stradivari.

V  Modern Italian Contributions: Development of “Early Childhood Learning”, the invention of the radio, the telephone, and the founding of the atomic age.  Neorealistic Cinema (post-WWII) and Italian contributions to fashion “La Moda Italiana, is world-famous.

VI   Italian Cuisine: World famous flavors of Italian Regions.

Registration for the 6 Week Lecture Series is $125 Members & $135  Non-Members


Send Check made out to the Garibaldi-Museum, 420 Tompkins Ave., Staten Island 10305

Call 718-442-1608 to Pay by Credit Card.


For your safety, we follow all updated CDC & NYC Guidelines, must show Proof of Vaccination & Wear a Mask!


The museum is wheelchair accessible with an ADA restroom facility

For printable information, please see the document below:

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