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Italian Opera
Lecture Series 

Spring 2023 Lecture Series
Italian Opera: A Reflection of Life!

Presented by Louis M. Barrella, M.A.


This 7-week class will elicit an appreciation for both seasoned opera lovers and new-comers alike. It intends to excite the appetites of all those who especially love Italian Opera by gaining insights into the minds and souls of the composers whose works still affect us today. Now in its 14th season, this is not a repeat course.

Classes will Start Tuesday, April 18th, and End on May 30, 2023 from 1:30 to 3 pm.     

All sessions are new and there is no prerequisite for newcomers.                                                                  

Join us for an experience of intellectual stimulation and musical pleasure.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • April 18th  Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” – Part 1 

  • April 25th  Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” – Part 2 

  • May  2nd    MET Opera Dress Rehearsal of “Don Giovanni”  

  • May  9th    Exciting Ensembles in Opera 

  • May 16th   Libretto reading of “Tosca” Act 2 

  • May 23rd   “Tosca Shot on Site” 

  • May 30th   Festive Operatic Gatherings 

BONUS: Seats at the MET Opera Dress Rehearsal of

Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” on Tuesday, May 2nd. 

Members $140/Non-Members $155

*The GMM strictly enforces the updated CDC guidelines.

*Payment for Opera Classes can be made by check.*

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