Opera Classes 

Due to the inability to hold indoor events, current classes have been suspended. Please stay tuned for information regarding the next scheduled courses.

“Italian opera: A Reflection of life!” with professor Lou Barrella


This 6-week class will elicit an appreciation for both seasoned opera lovers and new-comers alike. It intends to excite the appetites of all those who especially love Italian Opera by gaining insights into the minds and souls of the composers whose works still affect us today. Now in its 10th season, this is not a repeat course.                              


All sessions are new and there is no prerequisite for newcomers. Join us for an experience of intellectual stimulation and musical pleasure.

  • A Tale of Two “Manons” (Operas by Puccini and Massenet) Part 1

  • A Tale of Two ”Manons” (Operas by Puccini and Massenet) Part 2

  • Card Playing Scenes in Opera

  • Verdi’s Coloratura Sopranos

  • Revisiting the first Three Tenors Concert.

  • Waltzing at the Opera

$125 for non-members and $110 for Members

Opera singer