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The art, artifacts, and people within the house of the
True Inventor of the Telephone, and the "Hero of Two Worlds"

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Rolling Exhibits

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The Rolling Exhibit at the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum is an open community space for local artists and historians to showcase their work in a supportive and educational environment. To inquire about exhibiting your work here please call or email the museum.



In the heart of Rosebank is the historic home of the inventor, Antonio Meucci and the legendary hero, Giuseppe Garibaldi. This museum hold the actual "death mask" of Antonio Meucci inventor of the telephone and resident of Staten Island, amongst other inventions, original furniture, and household articles.

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Showcase of the Teletrofono

In the house Meucci spent all of his time working on his telephones. Here at the museum, we have a showcase of the orignal model of the "teletrofono". People from all over the Staten Island neighborhood came to use the telephone.

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The Garibaldi Bedroom

On our second floor is a bedroom, preserved as it looked when occupied by General Garibaldi from 1851 until 1853. On the bed lie his personal effects including a ceremonial shirt and smoking cap, his tobacco pouch, his sword, a pair of hunting rifled, and his walking stick. At the foot of the bed is his travel bag and crate. This room includes the ways of life in the 1800's with sink, stove, writing desk, and heater.

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The Garibaldi Room, A Unification of Italy

This room honors General Giuseepe Garibaldi, the "Hero of Two Worlds." Here on permanent display are artifacts and artwork chronicling the life of the man who united Italy. As you tour this gallery you will see not only the personal story of a great world leader and warrior but the history of a unified modern Italy.


The Meucci Room

This room honors Italian immigrant and inventor, Antonio Meucci. Here on permanent display in his own home, are artifacts and artwork chronicling the life and inventions of the true inventor of the telephone. As you tour this exhibit you'll not only see models of Meucci's original "Teletrofono" but also his handcrafted rocking chair and piano. 

Art by Emily Berardi

Emily Berardi is 19 years old and attends Tottenville High School in ACES program (Academics, Career, Essential skills)  She would like to pursue art as a career and is currently attending SMB art school on Richmond Avenue for about 2 years now.  She prefers colored pencils as her medium and chooses drawing over painting.  She likes all forms of art but especially drawing "mythical creatures" and would like to specialize in illustrating children's books one day. 

Her Exhibit Opens September 25th and runs until October 15th