Garibaldi Meucci Museum Recognition Walkway

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Walkway Brick

As one of "The New Thousand," you can leave a lasting impression and purchase a brick in the Garibaldi Meucci Museum Recognition Walkway, an inspiring sidewalk on the beautifully landscaped lawn in front of the historic Garibaldi-Meucci Museum. The walkway will be paved with the commemorative bricks that you donate. You can personalize your brick to contain your name, special dates, or a brief message. Your brick can honor a family member, a friend, or yourself. It will serve as a permanent memory of someone, or something, special to you. Please sponsor a piece of the Garibaldi Meucci Museum Recognition Walkway and leave a legacy that future visitors will come to see, while at the same time showing your support of Italian-American culture. It's a gift and a memorial that will last many lifetimes.

Due to the recent health crisis, we are lowering the prices of the

8" x 8" brick to $200 and the 12" x 12" brick to $750.

These prices are offered through December 31, 2021.


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